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DAVIS GOLF CART SALES is an authorized full service dealership for Star Golf Carts.


Our factory trained technicians can handle any of your golf cart needs. We service all makes and models, regardless of where you purchased your cart. Carts we service include: Star EV, EZGO, Club Car, Yamaha, Gem Car, Zone, Fairplay, Tomberlin, Bad Boy Buggies, Slealth and The Beast.

Customs, Reconditioned & Gem Cars

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New - Star Golf Carts

Star EV doesn't just make the best golf cars; we make the best electric vehicles.

No other manufacturer provides better...

  • Color options
  • Ability to customize to your specific application
  • Accessories
  • Choose from nerarly 40 kinds of Star EV plug-in cars

Model Categories:

Star Subdivision Carts

36 Volt Electric Carts

Star Classic 36-2
product image 1

The Star Classic is loaded with class-leading features like 10" aluminum wheels, lights, turn signals, and functional front and rear bumpers. Better yet, upgrades and options make the Classic endlessly customizable.

Star Classic 36-2+2

Get up to 60 miles on a single charge: that's 12 rounds of golf! Bigger motors, controllers, and more batteries give Star EV the best drive train in the industry.

Classic 36-2+2

48 Volt Electric Carts

Star Classic 48-2

product image 2

Get up to 60 miles on a single charge: that's 12 rounds of golf! Bigger motors, controllers, and more batteries give Star EV the best drive train in the industry.

Classic 48-2


product image 2

Get up to 60 miles on a single charge: that's 12 rounds of golf! Bigger motors, controllers, and more batteries give Star EV the best drive train in the industry.

Classic 48-2+2

Star Classic 48-4

product image 3

4 Passengers all facing the same way. Perfect for moving people safely.

Star Classic 48-4+2

product image 1

Our classic golf cart for a group!

Star Classic 48-6

product image 1

Our largest golf cart! 6 people all facing forward.


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Star SS Limited Cart(s)

2 and 4SF SS / 4L and 6SF SS

Make the neighbors envious.

The SS Limited was featured on the cover of Golf Car Advisor...see the article here!

The SS Limited EV’s are available as 36 Volt or 48 Volt come in maroon metallic, oyster pearl metallic, black metallic, electric blue, electric yellow, gray metallic, liquid copper and the brand new plum crazy, caribbean blue and spirited green! The SS Limited models come standard with color complemented Suite Seats, 12” chrome SS wheels, chrome rocker panels, glove box doors with SS Ltd branding, plush black carpet throughout the cab and bagwell and come with or without the patented 2-in-1 combo seat. SS's are available as 2, 4SF, 4L or 6 passengers and also are available as a lifted model. 48V SS's can be made street legal too, so you can show off this deluxe EV on the course or on the road!

2 and 4SF SS

4L and 6SF SS

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Off Road/Hunting

Star Diablo 2+2
Star EV Diablo

Just like its namesake, the Diablo is devilish, unforgiving and adventurous. Powered by an AC motor, it can climb any grade. Class-leading features like electronic walk-away braking, independent suspension and aluminum chassis complement the Diablo's sporty styling.

Star Diablo 4+2
Star EV Diablo

With an aircraft aluminum chassis, a 6 hp AC motor and walk-away brake system, you’ll get both performance and speed in this stylish lifted EV. Cruise the neighborhood in style or enjoy the great outdoors in this amazing aluminum chassis AC devil.

Star Sport 2+2
Star EV Sport lifted golf car

These off-road EVs pack a mean punch. We load them with 400 A Curtis Controllers, advanced DC motors and eight Trojan 6 V batteries to keep you going farther.

Star Sport 4+2
Star EV Sport lifted golf car

Load up 6 passengers to take on your adventure!

Star Sport 48-2H
Star EV H-series Lifted golf car

Sometimes all you need is a lifted EV with a box. This delivers.

Star Sport 48L-2-HCXStar EV H-series Lifted golf car

Lifted with a large dumping utility box.

Diablo Police/Security EV
Diablo 2+2-Police, 4+2-Police

Star EV Law Enforcement Diablo

The Diablo is an off-road law enforcement vehicle ideal for patrolling rugged community trails and beaches. Custom American-made box attachment options available.

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Roadster Carts

Star Roadster
Roadster-AC-2+2, 4+2, 6+2

product image 1 Travel the streets in style and safety in the bold, aggressive Star EV ACcel. The ACcel is a Passenger Personal Transport style vehicle that comes with a glass windshield, windshield wiper, two trunk storage areas and premium car-like interior. Removable side doors add to the versatility of the ACcel.

2+2 (4 Passenger)

4+2 & 6+2 (6 & 8 Passenger)

People Mover Carts

Star AP48-04
product image 1

Newly redesigned, deluxe AP-series gives a car-like experience.

Star Classic 48-6
product image 2

6 Passenger deluxe AP-series.

M-Series 8, 11, or 14 pass. Bus
Star BN72-8/11/14-AC-ADS-M

product image 2

Shuttle up to 14 passengers on clean, electric energy.

8 passenger

11 passenger

14 passenger

M-Series 23 passenger Bus
Star BN72-23-ADS-AC-M

product image 3

This bus shuttles 23 Passengers. With the optional 2nd bank of batteries, this bus will travel up to 70 miles or more. Now that’s moving people!

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H-Series People/Cargo Transport
Star 36-2H, 48-2H, 48-4H, and 48-6H

Star Classic H-Series Utility

Sometimes, all you need is a golf car with a box able to carry your stuff! And this is it. Perform light-duty commercial or industrial jobs anywhere, and seat up to 6 passengers.

48-2H and 4H

Classic, Wheelchair Accessible
Star Classic 48-6-Wheelchair

Star EV Classic Wheelchair Accessible

This EV has all of our standard features, and an automatic hydraulic ramp. Cruise with safety and ease, easily allowing a wheelchair to drive on and off with no trouble.


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